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Reflection: 20 Things 2020 Taught Me!

Happy New Year! It's the final day of 2020 as I write this and I have been spending the day reflecting on the very bold year that was 2020. This year has been a whirlwind of joy, pain, and the in-between, BUT GOD! I'm not sure about you, but even though we spent most of our days indoors, I learned a whole lot this year and I wanted to share some of those lessons with you. Here are 20 things that I learned in 2020.

  1. Patience is a virtue and there is such beauty in the wait.

  2. God is still in control, period.

  3. When I limit myself, I limit what God can do through me.

  4. There is something new to learn and unlearn each and every day.

  5. Life is an adventure truly waiting for us to explore it!

  6. Even in loss there is victory.

  7. There is untapped potential in us all. The sky truly is the limit!

  8. When I let go and let God, stuff happens!

  9. As long as I am breathing, there is a divine purpose, calling, and assignment in me to fulfill. I just have to walk it out each day, no matter what.

  10. I am worthy of receiving and living an abundant life in Christ!

  11. Some may not understand where God is taking you, but that is okay. Everyone isn't meant to understand because everyone can't go.

  12. Rest is important and necessary. You don't have to be super woman.

  13. Being honest with your emotions and feelings is one of the best self love you can give yourself.

  14. Knowing you are a work in progress is freeing, perfectionism is a lie and frankly, exhausting.

  15. Genuine, God-centered community is needed and valuable. We're not called to walk out this life alone.

  16. God is faithful to His promises and He truly will not leave His children or forsake us.

  17. There is power and strength in unity.

  18. There is safety and security in Christ Jesus.

  19. To envision an idea is one thing, to execute is another.

  20. I have a duty to embrace all of me and walk in my God-given identity, unapologetically!


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