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Features audio and video storytelling

The TODAY Show x Here Together Campaign Promo

Wrote and produced this promo for a TODAY Show marketing campaign. launched during the 2019 pandemic. The creative concept offered a comforting message to viewers that the TODAY Show is with them through it all offering a comedic relief with Al Roker.

Black Voices - Audio Series - Ep. 1

A class project where I created an audio series to discuss the lives, stories, and glories of being black in America. This episode features an in-depth conversation around the black identity and a dissecting of #TheBlackLivesMatter Movement with special guest speaker, Darrah.

News Package - What happened to Quawan Charles?

Reported, edited, produced, and written for YR Media

The Metro North Rail Road x Oh The Places You'll Go Promo

Creative mock-up marketing concept for graduate course. Message centered around the adventures and memories this mode of transportation can bring - just a train ride away.

News Package - #BLM Protest in CT

I covered a Black Lives Matter protest in Danbury, CT during the height of civil unrest after the George Floyd murder. This was edited, written, and produced by myself.

Black Voices - Audio Series - Ep. 2

Episode 2 of Black Voices features Brandon. He shares his story of being a black man in America. Created for a class project.

News Package - Building Community and Breaking Down Barriers - Achieve Community Charter

Reported, edited, produced, written, and shot for EdPost

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