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Reflection: A Letter to Boss Women

To All the Boss Women,

I get it. They may not, but I do. From one boss woman to the next, I understand. We have things to do and places to be that require our presence and work. If we don’t do it, who else will right? I told you I get it.

After a long day, I came home with heavy legs and such a need for some freedom and a change. I had exhausted the routines of my daily life and realized that instead of making the best of my days, I allowed my days to make the most out of me. I was tired, flinging my body upon the bed with heavy eyelids and thoughts of things that still needed to get done. Yet, I was done. It was then I realized this millennial needed more life. *sighs repeatedly*

To all my boss women don’t forget to live! When I score my work – life – balance rate this is what it would be below:

Work – 90%

Life – 10%

Balance – eh.

(Percentages change daily)

I’m here to tell all the boss ladies – to rest, take time to pour into yourself so you can then come back stronger and better to pour out to others, and have fun while you’re doing it! It may not be easy but as long as you are doing what you love, it makes it that much better.

I congratulate all the women out there breaking glass ceilings, taking care of their families and working too, and those stay-at-home mothers – which is a full-time career so all the claps to you.

Continue to work hard and know that it is not in vain as long as you work towards something bigger than yourself. Take time to remove the mask and release your day; it is possible to be both strong and vulnerable. The superwoman image is sadly not our reality and at the end of the day we are all human. As much as we try to do it all it is important to humble ourselves to the realization that we may be able to do it, but that doesn’t mean it must all happen simultaneously.

To all my boss women, take it one day at a time. If there is one thing I’ve realized and what my God says: focus on today for tomorrow has enough worries of it’s own (Matthew 6:34). It’s okay to not know what will happen today, a month from now, or even a few years later, but as long as we remain present and embrace the possibilities of our now, we can lift weights that would withhold us from our blessings. So wait, work, and wake up to the promises of your today. There it is - a three-step strategy in manifesting all that God has for you.


During the wait stay consistent in all things, be prayerful, expectant, and be still in the process, not shaken or worrisome (hence worry is not one of the w’s in this list). Waiting does not necessarily mean to sit and do nothing. You should keep yourself prayed up, focused on your portion of today, and productive in seasons of waiting.


After waiting and receiving guidance and perspective THEN you should move. You know that saying, “well someone has to pay the bills”? That someone is you! Just because things don’t seem like they are working, doesn’t mean you should stop doing what needs to be done. While you do your part things are shifting, so continue to invest towards your future and be purposeful in all you do with the right intentions. The clock never stops ticking!

Wake up

Each day of your journey wake up with gratefulness, hope, and expectation. Soon you’ll wake up to the very blessings you’ve hoped for.

So follow those W’s and you are guaranteed for a win!

It doesn’t matter where you are in your boss journey, embrace it as your own and in time it will bring all the moments you have hoped to come (Galatians 6: 4-5). When all is said and done, what would you like to be remembered for being?

I congratulate you. Let’s continue being boss women about our missions, goals, and assignments and never forgetting to take those times of rest to refill our cups, so we are able to continue on the path ahead. Stay focused, stay hydrated (spiritually and physically) and don’t be shaken by the worries of life.

Much love and peace,



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