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Reflection: Ready, Set, 2020

Recently, I was having a conversation with some fellow ladies on food. It all started with one of them sharing their decision to becoming vegan.

"I can cut out meat. All I really eat is chicken."

"Meal prepping is what I need to work on."

"It's like you have no where to eat."

"I looooove salmon."

"How do you substitute dairy?"

These are just a few things that came up in our conversation. What made our talk so engaging was that every party involved was open to listening. I've had moments where I was the only pescatarian/vegan in the room and felt shut down because of my personal diet decision. I've never been one to force my choices on another, however always open to sharing to a listening ear.

We each have a story, experience, knowledge, gift, talent to bring to the table and once we come to a place where we can embrace each other for our masterfully crafted differences, we will not have unity (got real Oprah there).

But, I digress. I did not come to write about becoming vegan or even the value in community, but more so the importance of caring for YOU in the best way possible. It's a new year with resolutions and goals for 2020, but I want to challenge, I want to challenge US to start that goal today. If we can't start today, most likely that goal will become another resolution written for the following year. The only thing stopping us from moving forward is ourselves. So, what is one thing that you will do today towards becoming a better you? Just start and the rest will follow.

This year I'm focusing on my wellness in mind, body, and spirit. Healthy all 2020 sis! Here are a few things I'm doing to encourage a healthier and happier me:

1. Journaling

I am a big journal girl. This year to change things up a bit, I want to shift my perspective towards a mindset of faith and positivity. I am focusing on writing out of gratitude rather than attitude (haha) by recording all the wonderful blessings in my day.

Try making a list of all the good that has happened in your day and you will be surprised to see that you truly are blessed and life is truly wonderful.

2. I joined a gym. So, next step is to go...

This one has been rough for me. Physical activity is not only beneficial for the body, but also vital for the mind. When you exercise, dance, or get your body moving and heart pumping it releases so much from your day. Anyone need a gym partner?!

3. Having more self care days. Don't be busy, be productive!

Okay, this is a good one. We can get so caught up between school, work, family, and everything in between that we don't take the time to just B - R - E - A - T - H. I've learned (time and time again) that to be effective in life we must ensure that our cups are being filled. It's difficult and tiring to pour from an empty cup. Be honest with yourself when you just need to take a step back (easier said than done, I know).

Now, self care does not mean going to get your nails done, hair done, everything did, and if it is for you then that works! It can also mean staying home and having a cleaning day or spending time with your family. Whatever brings you peace, joy, and rest can be a form of self care.

4. Community

Now this seems to contradict point number 3, but it doesn't. We as humans were created to socialize. We're not called to go through this life alone. You must know when to retreat and when to return. While being alone to center yourself is necessary, being surrounded by good people is also important.

5. Diet

You know the saying, 'you are what you eat'? It seems intense, but I truly believe that the food we intake has a huge impact on our being. Also, in what we watch, listen to, and are surrounded by can affect who we are. I know when I eat greasy food or even just restaurant food compared to food I cook at home, I feel heavier in my body, my skin isn't glowing the same way, and my energy is affected.

Yesterday, I really wanted to eat a slice of cake as a late night snack and as I headed over to cut a slice the bowl of fruit in my kitchen filled to the brim with apples was staring at me.

My head bowed, I knew I needed to make the healthier choice. Anything we set our mind to do takes discipline and self control. I didn't eat the slice of cake and I'm feeling pretty good.

What is something you can start changing now? Maybe it's no social media after 8pm or less television and more reading. Whatever YOU decide to do, do it to be YOUR best you.

I'm excited for a healthy 2020 for us all. Let's encourage each other as we continue to live PURPOSEFULLY.

(P.S. If you are interested in pursuing a pescatarian or vegan diet shoot me an email. I'm still learning, so let's do this together!)

Much love and peace,



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