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5 Step Power Morning Routine For Life Changing Results

Whether you are a morning person or not, the way you start your day affects your productivity, mood, and even your health. Are you the hit the snooze button five times a day type or do you jolt out of bed as soon as the sun comes up? I've found myself trying to focus on how to better manage my day, time, and overall productivity and wellness. When you have goals to accomplish and work to be done fighting the morning slug can be easier done when you have a set morning schedule. So, here are five parts of my morning routine that help me take charge of my day and has life changing impact!

1. Wake up early and at the same time

It is helpful to be consistent on the time you wake up so your body and brain gets in a rhythm each day. It is also good to rise early especially if you have a busy schedule. This may require you to turn off a little sooner the night before in order to rise early the next day.

2. Pray/Meditate

The first thing I do is wake up with God, my Creator. He has given me another day of life so I give my attention first and foremost to Him. I do so first through praying just saying thank you and putting on worship music to begin to shift my atmosphere to a place of praise and gratitude! I then use this time to read the Bible. I like using a devotional to help guide my reading a bit. The YouVersion: Bible App is very resourceful in finding great bible plans and devotionals that can help you in any season of your life. You can also use this time to journal and write your prayers down. Find what works best for you! This helps bring me into a centered place as I begin my day because you never know what the day may bring.

3. Drink some water sis!

I think we all know the value of drinking water! They say 8 cups a day, right? Well, if you're still working on the eight, try a cup first thing in the morning! While we are sleeping our body becomes dehydrated so dousing a cup in the morning helps fuel your body back with what it needs. Also, hydration helps with your productivity. It stimulates better brain function and concentration throughout the day. If you suffer with headaches, you may be dehydrated! You can also add some lemon slices and get fancy, which includes many other benefits for your body.

4. Get Moving!

Moving your body is so important! It is quite the mood booster. If you find yourself trying to still get out of a morning slump or recover from a bad night of sleep, a quick workout can help! You can start small with a 15 minute workout or 30 minutes! There are so many workouts on Youtube for all levels and all fun! You can also take a walk or jog outside and enjoy the fresh morning breeze. I love a good dance work out as a mood booster!

5. Eat breakfast

Start your day with a hearty breakfast. A good yogurt bowl, smoothie, or avocado toast are some of my favorite go-to! While you eat begin to plan your goals for the day. You can write this down in an agenda or sticky note and go!

You've got it! You can follow this morning routine or switch it around to work for your schedule and see the impact it makes on your overall day and life! 2020 won't stop us!


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