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Grenada: 5 Must Things to Do In The Spice Island

Grenada is a small Caribbean island, yet filled with fun and relaxing activities to do with a friend, spouse, the family, or even alone.


This is one of the two chocolate factories in Grenada. It is home to the Jouvay chocolate. You are given an informational tour of the farm, learn the rich history of cocoa in Grenada, get to taste the raw cocoa beans, take a peek inside the factory itself, and after delight yourself to some tastings of chocolate samples. Don’t forget to purchase some chocolate to go! ​Website:


One of the many falls in Grenada; Annandale is a refreshing stop to take a cool dip from the hot sun. A talented musician who strummed his guitar and composed a unique song for each visitor greeted us by the entrance. He will make anyone’s day. The falls is extremely slippery, so be careful when making your way down. The view of the falls is beautiful. There were some cliff jumpers who put on a little show for us by jumping a close 100 feet into the water. Besides taking a quick dip in the water, you can’t climb the falls so this would be a short activity. 


Fort George is a historic site located in St. George, Grenada. It was built by the French and has been the battlefield for the Seven Years War, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Grenadian Revolution. The hike is no fun, but the view at the top is magnificent. Website:


This is a definite visit when you go to Grenada. The museum is small, but filled with rich history and artifacts from centuries ago. There were books, carnival costumes, spices, remains from ships, armor and weapons from battle, and more. So definitely visit if you are looking to learn more about Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique. Website:


The market is a go-to for visitors and tourists alike. Locals sell their homegrown spices, fruits, plants, and handmade jewelry, clothing, and art. It is located in the town (the city) of St. George and is filled with so much life and passionate vendors. The weekend is the best time to visit. 


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